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Bingiman has been creating and performing for nearly three decades. As a young man, born in England UK , Bingiman lived and grow up in a multi cultural city calledBirmingham, Balsall Heath, were the likes of UB40, Pato Banton & Ranking Roger also came.

Bingimn’s chosen venue to proform was the Dancehall, he started at the age of 12, proforming on local sound systems and soon moved on to proform on sounds like King Alloy, Love Injection, Yardman, Love Express & Genini Don.

During his time with King Alloy Bingiman Proformed with artist Barry Boom and played against sounds like Saxon with top artists at the time – Fancy Fitzy, Colonel Valentine, Rubber T & Wayne Ire.

Calborating with or MCing against over the years has developed Bingiman in to a very strong artist with a wealth of experience in the studio & on the stage. BINGIMAN practices an art form that unites different types of music, with a mission to encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate. This makes Bingimans material crafted for a larger scale audience. He is no longer just a Dancehall artist, his professional approach and versitility allows him to venture in to different types of music. Bingiman has truly mastered the tones of pro singer, chanting melodies with his unique distintive voice which demands your attention.

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