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Douglas graduated high school in 1994 and served in the United States Navy until 1998. Several years later he returned to school to refocus his career ambitions to space exploration and development. He received his degree in Engineering Technology (Space Systems) in December of 2007. Currently he lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and daughter.

Douglas is a former Systems Engineer for the Space Shuttle Program, and is now pursuing the start up of his own company, Cybernated Farm Systems, dedicated to using technology to help humanity by using 21st century capabilities to quell the global hunger problem.

Douglas manages a Blog ( where he discusses current news, trends and stories as they pertain to space, science, technology and society. He is also an advocate of advancing humanity to a new socioeconomic paradigm called the Resource Based Economy (RBE), dedicated to the social advancement of humanity beyond our current detrimental cycles, using science, engineering and technology as a means to better the planet and all human life on it.

Douglas is a published author (Turning Point), which discusses how space exploration and development is vital to the future of mankind, and to this end he also gives lectures related to how science, engineering and technology can be better used to help improve the lives of all people on Earth and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for mankind.

"I am coming from the point of view of a man who desperately wants to see human expansion into space on a more permanent basis. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where life is better for all mankind, and going to space is not reserved for a select few, but an opportunity for many to undertake."

His book (Turning Point: How Space Exploration and Development Will Determine the Rise or Fall of Humanity) is available on:

(search his name to find it easily)

Turning Point is also in eBook format, available on itunes, Barnes and Noble & Amazon.

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