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A Dangerous Art.

Our name is meant to be remembered. By definition it is aggressive and violent. By design it is clean and simple.
Think of it as a balance between opposites.

Bloodbath is made up of two words.
Blood means life, family, passion, sacrifice, and martyrdom.

Bath means cleanliness, being fully immersed in what you do, as an enjoyable meditation.

Our brand encompasses these aspects and strives to create quality clothing for people that want something different.
Many brands claim a lifestyle, for us it's just style. It's not a way of life, its simply clothing created for those that really live.
A mixture of statement, sentiment, and a story take part of every piece we make.

Breaking Locks On Open Doors, Boundaries Are Through Habit.

Our mission is to break down limitations within ourselves.
The doors are already open; the boundaries we hold are trained into us every day. When adhering to only what is given, what can be achieved beyond that is easily overlooked. As individuals we should not settle for "easy", but strive for "greatness".
Changes in our habits and perception is the first step towards progress without restraint.

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