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Having his name known as a producer, manager, and rising artist, Bdubez is the founder and CEO of Brigada music group. Heavily influenced by working with the top rappers in the industry as well as underground, he too wants to be heard through his music. Since 2003, this Brooklyn native has been working hard to start off becoming his own promoter, a&r, accountant, and producer. His First Album "My One Shot" has sold nation wide and his fist digital record "infamy never ends mixtape" downloaded over 30,000 times in myspace.Not only He has been managing his label Brigada music group he has signed his first artist. Bdubez upcoming album "The Last Return" will be coming out this year with features from roscoe umali, cori star, knowa lazarus, sevenes and more. He has now returned back into the scene to make major league events email

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