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Did pretty good at school, went to college, have an 'A' level in Art.
Now I'm a fully qualified No.1 Lithographic Printer (15 years exp.) who spends a lot of time dreaming up interesting ways to capture the world around me via photography or videography.
About 9 years ago I got into video editing and my obsession grew until 2004 my wife and I set up a mixed media business mostly covering Weddings, more recently cooperate videos and promotional work.
My interest in photography has always been there since I was young but through our business I have had to 'up my game' to remain competitive. Have had some professional private tuition but mostly self taught and study via the Internet.
I have been a big fan of ADOBE software for years and mainly use ADOBE (Creative Suit Master Collection) for all my photo and video enhancements/editing.
Always believed in high standards through all aspects of my life, my cars and motorbike are always gleaming, my house clean and tidy plus I have weight trained, ran and done various martial arts 5-6 days a week for 15 years with out much more than a week off... ever!
Love socializing and drinking, been into red wine for a quite few years now too.
I have one son born Dec 2007 of whom I'm very proud.
I try to go snowboarding a couple of times a year to the French Alps and soak in the crisp fresh air, beautiful scenery and unique atmosphere.

Slightly obsessive, impatient and mildly Dyslexic.

I use a Sony Z1 and more recently play about with the surprisingly good video function on my new Canon EOS 7D which is great fun and is much more portable the the big bad Z1.

I also have 3 consumer SD Panasonic 3 CCD camcorders that are slowly becoming redundant but still handy at times.

Just read this through and realised I sound like a bit of a cock, oh well maybe I am? lol

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