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Curtain Call is a murder-mystery web series that is currently showing online at

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  1. Ivan Clow
  2. Joseph T. Kramer
  3. Dustin Solmonson
  4. Andrew Neill
  5. Alyssa Yule
  6. Kristen Conaty
  7. Ryan Sailer
  8. Eric Carlson
  9. Marcus Mann
  10. Maxwell Heesch
  11. Michael Schreifels
  12. Alex Welgraven
  13. Kyle Olson
  14. Ben Pimlott

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  1. Nevermind, resolved, working properly, I'm dumb ;-)
  2. Is this only my problem? It seems that you have to click on "HD" button to play movie in hubnut in full res. Can I change config for my hubnut webpage widget to play movies in HD from the beginning? Could you help me please?