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Naracism is not my strong suit so I will try to be brief, only offering the interesting stuff about who I am.
If you look to the left you see a gallery link, this will lead you to believe I do stuff to fill a gallery. Now in internet terms that seems to be anything from scrapbooking to folded paperclip sculptures, and could very well lead to photographs of my bug collection. Those ever so thrilling things are not it however, saddening as it might be to find out that I am just like every artist, never satisfied to find a limit to one’s own method to vent on some paper or computer monitor so I go through life in an attention deficit haze doing everything from traditional artwork to 3D design and animation. So like any good artist with a wide variety of diverse ways to make art and some sort of focusing problem, I turned to education. But let me explain my background before I ruin the plot.

I started out as a tattoo artist / computer nerd, realizing that Tattooing is a very soul draining business when every Tattoo artist you meet seems to have to carry his rather large cranium around in a wheel barrow as people tell you “omg I love it” for the 50000000000000th time. Yes, yes all well and good but after awhile it was a bit like hearing your mom say your hundredth crayon drawing was amazing, as she hung it on the fridge with a droopy magnet that would happen to fall off every time you reached for a drink of water.

So I went to college in hope to escape the head wheel barrow “OMG IT HURTS” syndrome and became a professional nerd, living off the land anyway I could (tattooing at seedy Biker clubs being my favorite). After years of school I realized I was good at computer programming, with the only exception that it was boring as all hell to sit down and write lines and lines and lines of code just to make some database program that I would never really care too much about anyway. Yes, I was one of those “I’m going to make video games” nerds. Colleges however were not even close to that level of teaching in my small Po-dunk town so I accepted “database programmer” to be my fate.

So I meet a professional database nerd in my junior year of college, HOLY CRAP came to mind as I realized this could be me in twenty years. I really don’t have the writing skills to explain the whole picture too you, but the pocket protector, basement dwelling, hobbit probably made more money than anyone I knew, but had the communication skills of a higher being that only understood “do while to mean as I do this on the computer I will somehow shove this donut in my pie hole “while” I make coffee.”

So along with the whole degree in computer programming on the side I was doing freelance work as a digital artist over the internet and found a teaching aid position at a vocational tech center. A great side job as I worked on several small projects in 3D modeling and digital painting. 3D was extremely popular at the time but again nobody taught the stuff. I did find a nice 1,000,000 page manual though and a few training videos here and there. I started learning it and teaching what I learned to a few students at work.

Rule number one “always reinforce your knowledge”. Teaching young minds was a really good way to find new questions that needed answering which lead to more learning and more teaching. I soon ran out of source material to learn so I started to reverse engineer video games ( best thing the computer degree was used for) to see how they ticked. Game modification opened up so many new answers to questions, questions I would never have found the answers too, and game “moders” love to share information as long as you give the knowledge back. Knowing 3D programs like Maya and Zbrush I had a lot to barter with.

The birth of the training video! It was too much to remember sometimes and teaching it was another story all together. I had four students out of maybe fifty that could understand it all. So I began small videos on how to import models into the Doom3 game engine and released them via the internet. Ok yeah that took off like fire but after I did my first series of game modifying videos, I could not host it anywhere. I was kicked out of more hosting sites than I can remember for going over bandwidth.

So I focused and pushed and hosted them on several small accounts I never even thought about charging for the information because at the time I was still learning everything I could and becoming the database programmer I always feared I would become. Hell sunlight was foreign to me for years.

I worked on a teaching degree to get out of the “teaching AID position” I was in. Graphic imagining was the ONLY thing that came close to teaching 3D to students at both a tech center and college. I got hired as an adjunct professor with a new mission “make 3D teachable to anyone”. Finally a college that was open to new ideas that did not reside in California. This became job number three in my life.

What happened to the students at the vocational center you ask? The great state of Michigan screwed up “fixed” teaching anything outside the box forever in vocational centers. 3D design and animation was forced out by some very narrow minded standards that made it impossible to teach unless you placed it in the set standards for teaching 3D, and you guessed it, 3D does not have any standards! So I adapted it to Graphic design got hired as a full time instructor by day, watered it down and only teach small elements to the graphic students. At night I put on my professor hat and teach the high end stuff.

So that’s what I do now:

Graphic illustration and layout by day

3D Professor at night

And video training junky to anyone that wants to learn.

And now my Paw hurts from typing out this bio / book about the life and times of Jason Welsh.

Hope you enjoyed.

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