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  1. 48 Hour Films - CalArts and Gobelins (2014)

    by CalArts Character Animation

    95 Videos / 186 Followers

    Each year, our students spend one weekend making short films based on a topic -- this year's was "Robot." They devote a weekend to the entire production process, and then celebrate…


    by Bionicpix

    58 Videos / 777 Followers

    If punk's not dead, than neither is the DVX100! Still an amazing picture, even in this new HD-crazed world. And with or without a 35mm adapter screwed on, you can still fool 'em with that…


    by Denis Borisovich

    3 Videos / 78 Followers

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/SKIFCHA/120265514740115 http://vk.com/skifcha

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