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Cynthyah Beamon is a Detroit native. She graduated from International Academy of Design and Technology-Detroit with a Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Designs in 2010. She also attended Wayne State University in which she majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising but decided to take some time off from her studies before transferring to IADT-Detroit. While attending Wayne State, she had the privilege to have a paid internship as assistant seamstress to the head of costume design for the play Spunk which opened at the Attic Theater in Detroit. The production was supervised by Professor Jane Hooper of Wayne State University’s Fashion Design Department.
During her time off from WSU she was a freelance designer for almost 15 years. She realized that there was something missing from her career. She worked various retail jobs along with freelance work before returning to International Academy of Design and Technology to complete her degree. She worked as a Teacher’s Assistant and tutor while in college as well as working a part time retail job. She went on to graduate magna cum laude from IADT and has never looked back. She is currently developing her clothing line under the company name of Beamon Designs. There will be something for both men and women in our clothing brand. The men’s line is Recardo-Pierre and the women’s line in under her namesake Cynthyah Beamon.
Beamon Designs by Cynthyah Beamon is a lifestyle brand. This brand evokes a sense of wealth that will soon to be recognized for its’ world renowned innovative style. This brand provides its wearer with the luxury of self expression through its classic and hidden details such as bound seams, extra fine cottons, and natural fabrics with seam reinforcements. This high quality brand has an acute attention to detail which promotes European inspired yet all American style, which injects intelligence with timeless classic style.
Beamon Designs aesthetic is deeply rooted in European inspired cut, style and fashion. The silhouette gives its wearers a classic and slimming look. The luxurious hidden details are especially apparent to our customers because they notice the subtleties of a well made garment. They also appreciate these details as they feel like they have purchased a piece of art. We are selling craftsmanship and always aim to evoke the feeling of luxury in its wearer.

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