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The man known as George Hantzis was born in Athens,Greece in 1980, although he feels he should have been born a bit earlier for reasons not quite clear to his confused mind.

He attended the Technical Institute (T.E.I) of Athens in 1998 studying Hotel Management and Tourist Enterprises, and quit some years later feeling everything was pointless next to the glory of film studies.

He was also wrong, having realized that after graduating as a cameraman/cinematographer (kind of) ,from a private Institute.Since then he has been lending his services (poorly) ,to shorts, feature films,documentaries and other projects as a camera operator/assistant,editor,colorist,DIT,and director (in his own mind), and pretty much anything he can cut his teeth in , as long as he can claim that he is a one man band.He reads a lot of books about cinema and does cool stuff like tests in his mom's basement (that never see the light of day) so he can claim that he knows everything there is to know about film.He is poor, silly, and desperate, and not necessarily in that order.Give him a break.

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