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Nueva York

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"Matt Pavich is the half Croatian part Haitian sensation sweeping the nation. You could call him an extra black spotted Dalmatian" -MCMP

He grew up in Astoria Queens with his mother and three sisters. The intoxicating amount of estrogen in the house forced him to either be funny or kill himself. He was diagnosed bi-polar by three seperate phyciatrists but in his defense he was having a rough week. He was awarded best actor in the LAwebfest and featured in the New York Daily News for the series he co-created titled, "The Neighborhood". His music video "Pussy breath" was featured on Gawkers homepage and on XXL magazine's website. He continues to perform stand-up throughout the country although NYC is his home. In the upcoming year he plans to create more videos introducing his new characters. So keep calm and log on.

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