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Marcin Baczy aka Marek was born in 1972, in Poland, where he attended the National Ballet Academy in the province of Posen. In 1990 he won a scholarship to attend The Juilliard School in New York, where he graduated with honors in 1995.

Alongside his successful career as a professional dancer (click here for more information), Marek also produces original work. Under the pseudonym “Marek Berlin”, he stages unconventional performances best described as visceral. Stylistically, his work incorporates both the polysexual and cosmopolitan, straddling the line between shrill, flashy, and fetish. Through the integration of audio and visual artists, Marek Berlin’s shows are unique and highly professional.

Marek Berlin believes that while movement begins with thought, it doesn’t necessarily stop where thought ends. This is not a specific style or a technique. Marek simply works with the brain’s ability to carry out different activities in changing tempos. However, Marek is also fascinated with the body’s ability to make independent and pragmatic decisions; the body too can find surprisingly creative solutions, especially when the brain is overstrained. This is a phenomenon referred to as Body Intelligence.

But this requires precision of thought - that is, not only does the performer’s body become trained to precision, but also his mind. Body Intelligence conveys the fact that while our senses, posture, and movements are mainly controlled by mental processes, the body


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