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As a documentary filmmaker, William has been awarded the International Documentary Association’s Distinguished Documentary Achievement Award. His film WACO: The Rules of Engagement premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, won awards at both the Atlanta Film Festival and the Charleston International Film Festival. Most notable is the film’s Academy Award nomination, followed by an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism. His film Reckless Indifference won a Golden Satellite Award from the International Press Academy.

Gazecki came to documentary filmmaking in 1991 after a multiple Emmy Award-winning career in sound mixing for television, film, and record production (The Rose, Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, etc.). Other recognitions of excellence in sound mixing include honors from both the Cinema Audio Society and the Society of Motion Picture Sound Editors, and several Gold and Platinum albums.

Early projects such as Technical Remote Viewing and Natural Solutions set Gazecki apart as an outspoken and un-intimidated purveyor of the expose long before such endeavors were en vogue. Natural Solutions, which aired on PBS in 1993, impacted then-pending legislation attempting to limit public access to vitamins and health food supplements.

Gazecki’s films are a place where people can go to obtain not just information, but human understanding. Preferring to provide insight and awareness through his films, Gazecki seeks to impart knowledge, recognizing the difference between mundane facts and creating an inspired educational experience.

Gazecki’s last theatrical release (August, 2002), Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, is a fascinating examination of the mysterious, world-wide crop circle phenomenon. This controversial, widely-reviewed film won Best Documentary at the Thomas Edison Film Festival. His recent DVD release (April, 2004), Invisible Ballots, presents a critical examination of the controversial issues surrounding electronic voting technology. The film has shown throughout the country as part of the grassroots Take Back Democracy Film Festival. His most recent feature production is Future by Design, a feature-length profile of enigmatic futurist Jacque Fresco, which has won awards at several international film festivals. Gazecki was sequestered for 3 years producing and directing "Behind the Masks: The Story of the Screen Actors Guild"; a documentary mini-series that had been slated for unveiling during the Guild’s 75th Anniversary in 2008. Unfortunately, as with many things SAG, that roll-out has been indefinitely delayed.

In 2008 and 2009, William had the pleasure of working with Co-Directing team Maryam Henein and George Langworthy on "Vanishing of the Bees" as their editor. Soon after that films' completion he was happy to spend another couple years Producing, Directing and Editing "The Outrageous Sophie Tucker", a heart-warming biography of one of the greats in showbusiness.

Each of William’s projects display a cohesive and honorable theme – reflecting his desire to improve the lot of humanity and improve the quality of life.

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