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I have lived in many different cities and countries; Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem), France (Pornic, Limoges, Tour), Belgium, The U.K (London), Canada (Vancouver), Spain (Malaga), and for the past 7 years in Malmö, Sweden.

I have a passion for learning, travel, surfing (on waves), writing (my book), dance, nightclubs and night life, marketing, advertising, branding, friendships, internet, sports, mode, ads, languages, music (mixing), social media but overall a great curiosity for understanding. I love to explore the World and therefore I am always on the hunt of new experiences, new relationships and new knowledges.

“Adventures, creative, spontaneous, crazy, social, unique, open minded, friendly, warm, global, exciting, restless, confident, extreme, unusual, funny, dedicated, curious, future-mindedness, passionate, impulsive are some of the characteristics which my friends describe as my personality.”

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