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Tuesday McGowan is an award winning creative director/director.
McGowan brings over 15 years experience in motion graphics, having directed and designed projects for networks such as Target, MTV, ESPN, Comedy Central, Fuel TV and clients Adidas, Compaq, and Discover Card, to name a few. Her credits also include music videos for musical artists Sheryl Crow and The Heartless Bastards.
A founding member and creative director of WIG, the graphics arm of Western Graphics SF, McGowan also directed live action projects for LA production company Picture Park and NY production co Curious Pictures, where she created spots under the mentorship of directing collective Tomato.
McGowan's directorial and design work has garnered numerous awards, including several BDA Silver and Bronze awards and recognition in Communication Arts Design Annual, a 2009 Telly Award for Pepsi Throwback, a 2005 BDA Silver Award for “MTV’s Xbox, the 2005 IDN Annual for the ”Warren Brothers” music video, a BDA Silver Award and Communication Arts Design Annual Award for her film open "Curious Girl on the Run", a BDA Silver Award for ESPN2 Friday Night Fights Broadcast Package, How Magazines Design Annual Honors for her open for “The San Francisco Shows ‘Oddball’ , a BDA Bronze Award for the Golden State Warriors Broadcast Package; the ITS Monitor Award for Levis Personal Pair Video.
Most recently, she was the Featured Designer in the 2008 edition of "Motion Graphics," the prevailing university text for national design curricula. The multi-talented McGowan is also a photographer and musician who makes a routine of conceptual experimentation.

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