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I'm a retired Auto worker. I started out shooting video from my motorcycle. I did this because back in the early 80's I was riding one day in the fall and though it would nice to capture the fall color has I go down the road. Well a VHS camcorder would have been hard to mount on the motorcycle and keep the vibration out. Then in 2006 the camera's got small and made possible to do. I had to learn about editing
video then.

Now in 2012 I pick up a Canon Vixia HF G10 HD camcorder and wanted to shoot other stuff away from the motorcycle. I wanted to learn a lot more on making a good video. The HF G10 had manual mode on it. Everything I read on the internet said to learn about photography to get the most out of the camera and understand it. So I'm doing that and have added a Canon 70D and join the Indianapolis Camera Club. So I'm learning about aperture, exposure, and composition. Plus more on what goes in to editing.

So any help on the comments is welcome. I find I enjoy shooting people out having a good time. I would like to get my dad to let me interview him on camera about his life. I think that would be a treasure to have.

Two GoPro HD cameras
Canon VIXIA HF G10
Canon 70D

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