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  1. Badlands Entertainment

    Badlands Entertainment Plus Tromsø, Norway


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    Badlands Entertainment - Badlands Skateshop's (the world's northernmost independent skateshop) very own audiovisual outlet. Based in Tromsø, Norway. Snow,skate, surf, music and all good things related. Contact: carl@badlands.no

  2. Jared Levy

    Jared Levy Plus New York City


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    Jared first began establishing his cinematic docu-journalism approach during his time at the Newhouse School. His dedication to that craft has since taken him around the world. From documenting graffiti artists in São Paulo to entrepreneurs in Dubai to girls education efforts in the Maasai Mara…

  3. Martin Steffensen
  4. SHOWstudio

    SHOWstudio PRO London


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    SHOWstudio is the home of fashion film, an award winning fashion website founded and directed by Nick Knight, that has consistently pushed the boundaries of communic Established in November 2000, SHOWstudio’s innovative and ground-breaking projects have defined the manner in which fashion is…

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