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Cari Ann Shim Sham* is a magical manipulator of celluloid, video and dancing things.

Shim Sham* is a Los Angeles based award winning filmmaker, multi faceted artist and avid mushroom hunter. She's trained as a musician, dancer, choreographer and clown. She came to UCLA in 1992 with a music scholarship for french horn. She quickly changed her major to dance and left the country for a year to study in Ghana, West Africa, '94-95. Upon her return she began her own small dance company Bitch Co., an all female performance art/dance company which performed at underground art gallery openings, raves and Cirque du Soleil parties. In the late 90's, Cari Ann began editing footage of her dance company and stumbled humbly into her film career. She made her first three films, Falling, Fly, and Riverflow in 2001, which were all screened by then fledgeling Dance Camera West. After seven years she retired her company and turned to arts education while continuing to make films on the side. Cari Ann chaired the Dance Department at Culver City Academy of Visual & Performing Arts from 2000-2008, while also returning to UCLA in '06 to pursue an MFA. During her three years of graduate school, Cari Ann produced nine films, and six installation projects. Her films began to screen internationally, winning awards, two of which became viral sensations, Are You for Real? and My 1st Big Break. After graduating in 2009, the International Journal of Screendance asked her to write a review of Karen Pearlman's Cutting Rhythms, for the 2010 journal. In the same year her film SAND began its festival run which included Official Selection at the Austin Film Festival, Best Director at the First Glance Film Festival, Best Mini Doc at St. Louis International Film Festival, Best Short Documentary at Oxford Film Festival, was a finalist in the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes, and featured in Docuweeks, which qualified the film for Academy Nomination. At this time Cari Ann also began work on One Day on Earth with founder of the project Kyle Ruddick. Over the past four years, Cari Ann has served as Associate Producer, Additional Editor and the Educational Toolkit Author for One Day on Earth, the first film made in every country of the world on 10.10.10. This film was recently released on April 22, 2012, Earth Day, setting a world record for the most screenings on the same day, screened in over 160 countries, and winning the Vimeo Award for Social Change. At the end of 2010 she traveled to Java, Indonesia, to shoot Two Seconds After Laughter, an experimental short dance film about Sri Susillowati directed by David Roussève. An original intersection of documentary, dance-for-camera, and dream-like fantasy, Two Seconds After Laughter creates a border-jumping dialogue on a universal irony: The heart longs most for the one place to which it can never fully return—home. The film has screened internationally at festivals winning the San Francisco Dance Film Audience Award and nominated for the Jury Award by DCF in NYC. Cari Ann formerly served on the Dance Camera West screening committee for five years under Lynnette Kessler's Direction 2006-2011, and spoke at their 10th Anniversary conference in 2011. She is now in her fourth year of curating for the Topanga Film Festival Dance Film Showcase in Los Angeles.

Cari Ann is a passionate teacher whose workshops on Dance Film have occurred in Malaysia, Java, San Francisco, UC Riverside and CalArts. She also teaches Dance for Camera and Social Media at UCLA in the World Arts & Cultures Department, her alma mater. She recently served as the Mentor for the ODC Pilot Series for their first ever Dance for Camera Pilot, she's also received the coveted Surdna Arts Teachers Fellowship in 2007. Cari Ann has worked closely with and been mentored by John Bishop, Roberta Shaw, Lynn Dally, Victoria Marks, Margaret Williams and David Roussève. She's currently working on film projects with and in development for projections for live dance theater work by David Roussève and Lionel Popkin to premier in 2012/2013. Her live work has shown at the Joyce Soho, & Danspace in NYC, Highways Space, the Belagio: Las Vegas, Redcat, The Brewery, The Henry Huang Theater and Bergamot Station in Los Angeles, and film work namely at the Laemmle Sunset 7, Mann Chinese Theater, and the United Nations General Assembly as well as 60+ festivals internationally.

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