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Cape Town

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As a youngster I fell in love with writing and then photography. I grew up loving TV and movies. Eventually, it dawned on me that making films need not be a thing only other people do- people in Hollywood, or people with lots of money.

After working as an assistant in our local commercials industry in Cape Town for a few years, I decided to go to L.A. and study at film school. L.A. was great, and filled with amazingly inspirational, smart, creative people, but eventually the day came to return to Cape Town, a place of staggering natural beauty.

Its some years later, and I am still as in love with this art as I ever was, if not more! I am exited about my skills and art improving in this age of rapidly improving tools for filmmakers. I shot my first film on Super 8, and can remember hanging all the film strips up all over my apartment in the Hepburn Manor in Silverlake. Nowadays, it seems like every project the images coming out of the camera is getting better, and the post production process has become so powerful, allowing for much more creativity in the studio... Its a good time to be making films...

I have worked on commercials, music videos, television series and documentaries. I am currently primarily engaged in making documentaries. I'm also still writing scripts... Keeping the faith!


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