Jocelin LeBlanc

Québec North Shore Region

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Jocelin LeBlanc

Baie Des Homards, Québec

Jocelin is a well known figure in Eastern Canada & Quebec Fly fishing communities. A full time river guide on Quebec North Shore Region, an fly fishing instructor

Drainage/Rivers: The upper Aux Outardes River, Trinité, Pentecôte and Aux Rochers River

Species: Atlantic Salmon, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Sea Run Brook Trout, Brook Trout and Lake Whitefish

I grew up in an era when every little boy would fish for brook trout, had a BB gun and wanted to be a coureur des bois. Thank god a big part of me never grew up!

Everything worthwhile for me seemed to lay just East of where I spent my childhood years... and when I finally hit the end of the road, I was in Newfoundland. After guiding there for 2 summer, and having so much fun, I decided to see what was at the other side of the Belle-Isle straight , I ended up on Quebec's North Shore. I have been working full-time in Quebec for 10 Years now. Since 1998 My wife Sonie and I host fly fishing trips all over the North Shore introducing old and new friends to some of Quebec's North Shore best fishing destinations. I'm also a professional fly tier, and have been tying flies since my late teens.

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