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Born in New York City into an artistic family, Johanna Maria Spoerri became a part of the downtown scene as she studied drawing, painting and photography at famous institutions such as the HS of Music and Art, and The Art Student's League and The School of Visual Arts Film School.
Attracted to Animation as a vehicle for combining her skills, Johanna was motivated to create independently produced animated films to show case her talents, as both Auteur and Animator. Employing the traditional cell animation techniques until the bitter end, Johanna Spoerri's film FLORA ANN FAUNA 2005
was the last animated production to be filmed on an Oxberry before it was dis-asembled and shipped off to be on display in a museum.
Johanna's skill and talents with drawing, painting and sculpting and film making lead her to working with such creative forces as animator and artist M. Henry Jones, independent film maker Nick Zedd, animator and artist Bill Plympton, the late award winning film maker Francis Lee, writer and animation producer Greg Ford, and comic book artist Arthur "Red" Suydam and comic book artist Dame Darcy.
Now a mother and home maker, as Johanna continues her interests in the visual arts, oil painting and fashion design, a hobby, she looks to future creative ventures.

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