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Johan initially started working in media through music, in which he was a songwriter and producer. During this time he wrote several songs for independent artists and bands and produced several demo recordings in his recording studio. He succeeded in achieving several semi final positions in the UK song writing competition.

However it was his love for visual mediums and story telling that drew him to film and the possibilities created in combining visual and aural story telling was particularly appealing. With a strong aesthetic sense, he learned quickly and directed several short films, most notably “Day 47” which is a short thriller/horror film that comments on the horror film market and the use of internet distribution.

It was due to his innovative work in 2008 in relation to crowd-funding that he caught the attention of the national newspapers where he was named as ‘one to watch’ in the Guardian newspaper’s article entitled “Shooting Stars: The UK’s next generation of filmmakers.”

Enjoying his experience on making a horror short, he then directed his first psychological horror feature film “The Lost,” which is currently in post-production for Thames Gate Films. The film follows a British solder suffering from post traumatic stress on a final camping trip with friends before returning to service. Dealing with hard issues, the film takes an allegorical look at self-blame and the guilt spiral and how this can consume the sufferer. The film presents the fragility of the psychology and interprets the pain in physical manifestations of the lead character’s conscience.

Garnering attention in the independent film arena led to Johan being invited to record a series of ‘masterclass’ video diaries for Raindance Independent film festival, which were very well received.

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