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My dear master…
Do not be afraid.
Do not move. Do not speak.
No one will see us.
Stay as you are.
I want to look at you.
We have the night to ourselves…
and I want to look at you.
Your body over me…
your skin, your lips.
Close your eyes.
No one can see us.
And I am here at your side.
Do you feel me?
When I touch you for the first time…
it will be with my lips.
You will feel the warmth,but you will not know where.
Perhaps,it will be on your eyes.
I will press my mouth to your eyes…
and you will feel the warmth.
Open your eyes now, my beloved.
Look at me.
Your eyes on my breast,your arms lifting me…
letting me slide on to you.
My faint cry,your body quivering.
There is no end to it,don’t you see?


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