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In the last six years he has developed as director, cinematographer and editor in more than forty projects, that includes documentary and fiction films, TV shows, video clips and advertising.

In 2009 the Second Bicultural Encounter by Emergent Filmmakers gives him a scholarship for the production of Absence’s Portrait, his first documentary short film. In 2013 he was selected as part of the DocsDF Challenge with his documentary, The Navel.

His work has been selected in international film festivals as Expression at Short and Short Shorts in 2008 (México), Santiago Alvarez in Memoriam (Cuba) and DocsDF (México) in 2010; and Images Hispano Americanies (France) in 2011.

In the educational field the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation awarded him for develop and implement a comprehensive film workshop that produced six short films in 2009. Since then he has taught basic documentary filmmaking and editing video workshops for different institutions (like UNAM and CONACULTA).

In 2012 he creates the Street Film Club and collaborates as cinematographer in Moving a River, a documentary feature film.

In 2014 won a FONCA fund for the production of his documentary short film, The Exile.


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