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Ambarien Alqadar grew up in the India of 1990s.

With degrees in English literature, modern European languages and communications, she is fascinated with an exploration of the documentary image in fictional, experimental and interactive contexts.

Re-enactment, performance and visual and aural found-footage, first used in her film Who Can Speak of Men, have emerged as recurring threads in her work.

She has explored these ideas in subsequent films, such as Four Women and a Room, The Ghetto Girl and Between Leaving and Arriving. As a freelance practitioner in India, she has directed, edited and produced several public television projects and features.

Her work has won national and international awards and has been screened in festivals as well as in academic and interdisciplinary research settings.

Currently a Fulbright Scholar at Temple, she is developing her thesis, A Day in the Life of Ayesha, as a way of synthesizing her interest in documentary and experimental methods with dramatic approaches to storytelling. The project was awarded a Temple University Completion Grant. Ambarien has been a recipient of many prestigious fellowships and awards, including an Independent Research Fellowship through Sarai Programme at the Center of Study of Developing Societies in India, the European Union–India Documentary Exchange Programme on Peace and Conflict Resolution and the Public Service Broadcasting Trust Film Fellowship, India.

The first retrospective of her work was held at the Indo-Korea International Women’s Film Festival in Chennai, India, in 2009 and she has been invited to exhibit her work across Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Indonesia and India.

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