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It suppose to be at the gene level to be born a photographer. When I was a child my father’s hobby was photography. The best memories for me is how me and my father dove into the dark room to develop some sort of film. That was like a miracle to look how your family photos came up from nowhere.

We had a lot of photo albums and what is the pleasure to look on the pictures, especially on my parent’s wedding pictures. There was everything; mom’s smiles, dad’s happiness, grandmother’s tears. There was a story, beautiful story how my family came into the world.

I remember my first camera, my dad presented me on my 13th birthday. I was so proud and thrilled that starting from that moment I can create pictures with my own vision! Looking at the past, It’s absolutely clear that my future was outlined to the time of my birth.

I do love to make pictures, I love to save moments, to bring out unique personality of each person. I love to capture happiness in every second. It is delight to look at genuine feeling and to stop the moment when it was born.

Wedding photography is a unique specialization. There is no models, no glamour, there is the real life with real people. Every bride is a princess, she is thrilling and crowing in one moment.

I like the vibe on a weddings and I like capturing the magic of love in every photo. I am living in Los Angeles and I love this place, here I can find inspiration for my works, spectacular photoshooting places and a lot of smiling people.

But also I like to travel a lot to open new places, new architecture, new traditions and new friends. I have been almost everywhere. But several places that will remain forever in my heart. I love Italy — my second home, love Paris — city with romantic vibes, I like Brussels — the chocolate city, I like Moscow — contradictory but freaky jolly, I like Scotland for spectacular views, I like India for pacification and senses, I like Thailand for unbelievable beaches. Every country has own wedding traditions and ceremonies. And it is awesome to learn it.

My studio is providing photo and video services in Los Angeles. It is not only about to capturing photo and video, it is about your best moments. It’s about saving your emotions for a long memory of the your Big Day.

Looking forward to see you soon!

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