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  1. I had to stop BD at the scene where a a redhead and her suitcase are leaving with a man. This plays twice in MD
  2. S'il neigeait à San Francisco, les pentes de Twin Peaks serait incroyable!
  3. Ben - you told me this was coming to SF, and I imagined someting spectacular. So delighted to see it is shaping up exactly as I imagined it!
  4. Peter Albert commented on Autunno
    I found this link viewing the beautiful San Francisco video, and am glad I did. The opening scenes are breathtaking, and the excellent flow of your editing kept me watching. Nice work!
  5. Those look like two years well spent! Nice work.
  6. I was on these same slopes 42 years ago....!
  7. Rapturous!
  8. Hypnotically beautiful! Great job.