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Street Art Museum also known as MUU is a project runed by non governmental organisation Centralna jedinica based in Zagreb, Croatia. This project is dedicated to forming a more coherent street art scene in Croatia, raising people awareness about street art and it's values and marking the city of Zagreb on a global map of cities that support this kind of artistic expressions. We aspire to bring art and its creative energy into the parts of Zagreb where a lot of people live and they have no cultural content. So not only that we would put Zagreb on a map of world friendly street art cities but we would like to make something socially responsible.

Street Art Museum first project is decorating the 500 m long public wall in a major street in Zagreb downtown called Branimirova which already has on it 10 years old graffiti in a really bad shape and 23 years before the graffiti were put up used to host really special murals. We are having the jury made of several highly appreciated croatian artists (Ivan Kožarić, Krešimir Rogina, Josip Zanki, Dunja Janković, Damir Martinović - Mrle) to choose from all the works that are going to be entered on a public content. Even dough it's not in the nature of street art to have juries, contents, selections.... we are doing it this way so we can bring as much people as possible to participate and that should give as a rough picture how many croatian artists are interested in this kind of artistic expression. The main event is from 10 - 14. May 2010.