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Elkins Park, PA

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White Pines is dedicated to creating a place where community members and artists come together to make new work in the performing arts, classes for young and old; and to explore new economic models for creating art and supporting artists.

Statement of Principles

Creativity is a gift: we seek to offer what we make as an exchange of gifts and not a sale of commodities. Simultaneously, we seek to fully support the artists creating for and through us.

Open access: we believe in absolutely open access to art for all people, regardless of their personal economic circumstances.

Continuing revelation: we are a flexible and evolving production company, able to change and develop as our membership expands and our artistic ensemble grows. Therefore, we are not bound to a rigid aesthetic mission, but rather remain open to the leadings of our artists and membership. We enjoy living in the questions.

Transformation: we believe that artistic creativity is a spiritual act, invigorating that which is best in human beings. We believe that everyone is creative, and therefore, we believe that creativity has the potential to transform lives and repair the world.

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