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Living and working in Amsterdam. Since the late 1980ties systematically exploring processes of perception and experience in installations and "films" referring inter alia to conceptual and minimal art, to the history of early cinematography , the transformation of information, the evolution of (new) media. Working with computer-generated processes combined with manual execution based on a growing photo archive containing at this moment about 500000 pictures regarding major and minor personal and historic events. Main themes recently the reverberation of historic incidents and and the intertwined relations of culture. Since 2010 works specifically related to the body of work of Hanne Darboven. NFF/Revisie 2008, Videomejia Novi Sad 2009, IFFR Rotterdam 2009,Japan Media Arts Festival Tokio 2010 Sonic Acts 2010 Amsterdam, Ars Electronica 2010, IFFR Rotterdam 2012, Lowlands NL 2011, Transmediale Berlin 2012, Image Forum Festival Japan 2012,Japan Media Arts Festival Tokio 2013, Internationales Kurz Film Festival Hamburg 2014


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