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Ric Spiegel is a 30-year voiceover veteran with Network and National credits and awards. His work includes TV & film documentaries, corporate and medical narrations, numerous museum audio tours and exhibits, radio drama, best-selling computer and video games, IVR, live announcing, talking toys and novelties and thousands of radio and television commercials. He is also a recognized and sought-after political voiceover announcer. Experience and versatility are the two essential components of a professional voiceover artist, and Ric has an abundance of both.

Ric Spiegel is represented by:
The Mary Collins Agency
2909 Cole Avenue, Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75204 USA
214 871-8900, Ext. 3 for Inquiry or Booking
Email: kim@marycollins.com or mary@marycollins.com

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