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As a retired Engineer, I've taken a fierce interest in observing the natural world with the most advanced media tools I can manage. After ten years of digital photography and video, I've advanced to high resolution stereoscopic photography and HD video to capture the full visual experience presented by the life force around us.

I find the most effective way to present stereoscopic images is with the side-by-side Parallel viewing method. It can be used by many without any viewing device, and larger parallel 3D images can be viewed by almost everyone with a $2 prism-lens viewer.

The big advantage of the parallel method is the pristine quality of the visual perception it delivers. A 12 megapixel camera image delivered to the eyes through a stereo pair of photographic prints yields an immersive, unforgettable experience. It's like both of the observer's eyes are physically on the scene.

I come close to that quality with PC based HD Video presentations. I spent some time inventing ways to edit the stereo image pairs with coordinated panning and zooming operations. This allows me to closely examine key features of a scene while exploiting the high resolution of the original image. The dynamic movements I impart to the still images are also fitted to the original music soundtracks.

You might consider me nuts about 3D, but it's just a tool. I'm really nuts about the way it allows me to capture and portray the enigmas of the living world to all those who share my fascination with it.

I sincerely appreciate the value of the Vimeo website in making a little bit of my work visible. I expect to upload more of it in the near future. In the meantime you can find out more about me on:

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