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Warsaw's new professional program in architecture and Urban Planning is focused on the digital design and crucial aspects of Architecture for Society of Knowledge [ASK]. In part remotely delivered over the Internet, it can be completed in 18 months and offers an accredited Master of Architecture [M. Arch.] degree. Students will investigate contemporary design practices as well as media and digital technologies relevant to the emerging 21st century architectural practice. Full EU tuition scholarships are available for the initial group of competitively admitted international students.

The comprehensive architectural learning environment focused on digital technology, sustainability and urban planning, as offered by ASK Program, is grounded in the firm academic milieu of Poland’s leading University, established in 1826. Warsaw University of Technology inherent idea of multidisciplinary technical studies underline the ASK Program foundation. After two World Wars, re-established in 1915, WUT contributed to country's reconstruction. Now, after two decades over which Poland has undergone transformation and joined the family of democratic Europe, Warsaw University of Technology aims to position its graduates and faculty within the global arena.

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