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I have been a digital designer for the past 12 years. I initially trained as an interior designer but digital design came naturally to me. I enjoyed the learning curve as much as I enjoyed applying my new skills to my work during my transition from 3D to 2D design.

My interest in digital design is not only at the front-end level but also in understanding the back-end of the technologies that I’m using. I enjoyed learning how things worked. This is why I decided to do the postgraduate in Interactive Multimedia. I thought that if I knew how the technology worked that I would also know how far I could push it. I always tried to experiment and implement new techniques in my work when the time and scale permitted it.

I recently completed a postgraduate degree in Adaptive Architecture & Computation that involved the implementation of artificial intelligence in digital design. I’m now interested in exploring the areas of mixed reality, augmented reality or virtual reality. I’m specially interested in the concept of removing the physical presence of the interface and to embody the interface in more intuitive forms.

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