matt dyer

cardiff, south wales

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Known to all on the bmx & skate world as Denny ( don't ask it's an old nickname a mate gave me.)
Photographer and videomaker. Been involved in bmx for over 22 years. Occasionally write welshside column for Ridebmx mag (uk ).
There's no reason you can't have as much fun in your thirties as you did when you were a teenager so make time to have fun and enjoy your life cos your only here once.My body still holds up to ride despite quite a few major injuries over the years(fractured spine,torn ACL,broken bones and other assorted torn ligaments) but its sometimes the rule of the dice,all or nothing. Been filming and making videos since 1991 and made a few popular skateboard and bmx vids during the 90's such as the Half n Half trilogy (sk8 and bmx), Thugs(sk8),Filth, BCR on the VCR and Tidy(all bmx) and also supplied footage for Clicked bmx videozine over the years too.The skate vids featured a lot of Pritch,Panch and Dainton of Dirty Sanchez fame and plenty of great welsh up and comers of the time so my current undertaking is remastering ALL the old footage for a new remake and release onto dvd.Eventually.....

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