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As an Orlando-based rapper, producer and multimedia designer, Deraj has been striving to push the bar of creativity with everything he puts his hands to. As a rapper he’s known for his eclectic taste, thoughtful & candid lyricism, and unique musical approach. He showcases a level of humanity, honesty and diversity not commonly seen in the hip-hop culture today. In 2009, Deraj released his first solo project “Honesty Of The Heart”, which journeyed through many genres including Rock, HipHop, Soul, as well as Alternative. With each track tailored with its own unique personality, Deraj was unknowingly bringing forth a new sound into the hiphop community. In late 2011, “Whoever (Remixes and Stuff)” was released to the public, an experimental project in which Deraj sought to explore and push creative boundaries within himself. The project included unofficial remixes to popular songs by renown artists such as Lecrae, Brooke Fraser, Skillet, Paramore, and many more.

As a designer, Deraj has gained recognition for his imagination and experimentation, creating art for a variety of clientele including national recording artists such as Derek Minor of Reach Records (formerly PRo), Canon of RMG, as well companies like Relevant Magazine to non profit organizations including First Baptist Church of Orlando and Revolution Leadership. If you were to ask Deraj to describe himself he would say, “I’m an average guy with an above average passion for visual arts, audio production & songwriting. I love being creative. I love to create things you can ‘see’ and ‘hear’. This is a part of who I am and shows in what I do.”

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