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Errol Sadler (born September 16, 1982) is the founder of Supremacy Films, an Atlanta based film company. He is becoming one of the most sought after new Producers in the Atlanta’s Film Industry.

He made his Producer debut with “Eros”, a short dramatic thriller that deals with the repercussions of Love, Lies, and deception. It is scheduled to premiere at the American Black Film Festival (A.B.F.F.) in summer of 2011. Since then, Errol has gone on to Producing three other short films “Smoked”, “No Crime”, and “Letters to a Father”.

Recently Errol has partnered with Symmetry Entertainment and C. Clear Cinema to Produce “Echo At 11 Oak Drive”, a feature length film that tells three stories that transpire under the same roof over three eras of time. 1951, 1973, and 2010. He has also teamed up with Shadow Motion Picture to produce their latest Action packed feature length film “Fixer”, which is based on the sisterhood of female assassins.

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