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During the day I'm a bookseller at the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood, CA. But at night when the full moon is out I become a writer of articles/reviews on CG and a closet animation filmmaker. I love animation and the avant-garde cinema.

I also co-produce a yearly machinima festival, The Machinima Expo, which takes place every November over a single day. It's a virtual festival (machinima-expo.com) where we screen dozens of machinima films submitted to us, plus we hand out awards and provide related machinima programming (presentations, tutorials, roundtables, etc). You can catch some of this years films on my Machinima Expo 6 channel here on Vimeo

My partner, Lisa (a horror fiction writer), and I live in a book lined apartment filled with DVD's and records. We have two cats (Roxie and Sylvia) who are demanding, but lovable.

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