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François has been fascinated by the emotional power of images from when he first set out to tour the world with his camera as a teen. Cinematography continues his exploration of this passion.

He has recently shot the TV series Transporter for TNT and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles for Lifetime
François’ work has been widely praised and honoured. He won a Gemini Award for best photography for No More Tears Sister, as well as a Canadian Society of Cinematographers award for best Cinematography for Undying Love, and was invited to the International Cinematography Festival, Camerimage, Lodz Poland. The New York Times wrote of his work: “with lush cinematography….. beautiful…”. Art Forum referred to “the lovely cinematography of François Dagenais”, while Film Focus wrote “every frame bathes in beauty”.

His desire to experience other cultures has lead to various projects abroad. He has enjoyed working with local crews and talent, immersing himself in new ways of seeing. He has shot features and TV series in Cuba, Mexico, Iceland, France and the Philippines, and has filmed documentaries worldwide. He is fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

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