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  1. 08:38


    by David Ariew

    13 Videos

    A collection of my recent work. contact:

  2. 06:18

    Old Videos That Should Not Be Viewed. Ever.

    by David Ariew

    2 Videos

    These are old projects that I am now embarrassed by.

  3. 30:51

    The Legend of Vernon

    by David Ariew

    2 Videos

    A series lampooning the Zelda franchise. This is what we do with our college education. Shot at the College of William and Mary intermittently over the course of three years.

  4. 03:17

    Animation Projects

    by David Ariew

    4 Videos

    Projects that involve lots of keyframes...

  5. 00:00

    The College of Swingology

    by David Ariew

    0 Videos

    A series of videos I shot and edited for The College of Swingology event in Charlottesville, VA

  6. 06:28


    by David Ariew

    6 Videos

    Using the power of editing to create false realities

  7. 24:49

    Nature and Science, or the Lack Thereof

    by David Ariew

    6 Videos

    Various scientific videos done for class or for employers, some serious and some ridiculous.

  8. 01:11:45

    El Circulo Cubano Project

    by David Ariew

    10 Videos

    A grant funded project for the USF Tampa Library. Project is a video tour split into 12 stations of the Cuban Club building in Ybor City (Tampa, FL).

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