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“As a Fine Artist, Filmmaking to me is Fine Art in radical form and context. It’s poetry, it’s light, it’s painting, it’s music, it’s performance, all rolled into one. Directing is to understand that these are all fine art endeavours in themselves and guiding their integrity and vision is one of the most important balancing acts the director has; another would be to balance the practical needs of complex productions. For me, the time constraints and fast pace of production can, if effectively produced, give structure and outline to an otherwise unwieldily art form. The trick is, you have to know what you want and fight for it passionately.”

A lifelong photographer and graduate from the College for Creative Studies, Jeffery T. Schultz started the Detroit based production company KNAGEN FILMS.  Since then, he and his teams’ films have been recognized with multiple awards for directing, acting, cinematography, editing, writing and production design. Currently, Mr. Schultz and his team are in development of two feature films as they look to expand their reach and experience.

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