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We tell visual stories.

We’re collaborators; on the front end and the back end. That means we cook up ideas with the client, and if the job calls for more than we can provide then there’s a whole network of artists in cahoots that we also like to cook with.

Our goal as a company is to do 80% work and 20% experimental (but not like our college years). This not only strengthens our current abilities but broadens our knowledge of what’s out there—so we’re able to bring ourselves back to the real world every once in a while.

The work we’ve put out over the years has been varied. Every job is different and calls for us to use a different part of our brain than the last. Some jobs are like wrangling up your drunk Aunt Karen at Christmas—you’ve done it a few times over–and there are others that require new tactics and call for more collaboration.

Because of the wide-range of projects we work on, it just makes sense for us to put our ideas and talents together with new people every now and again. Plus we’re always up for meeting someone who loves movie quotes and vintage guitars as much as us.

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