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Owner, Warrior Marks Pictures & Shining Light Media Group

Clients include Castlerock Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Mark Burnett, MTV, Fortis Films, Cinevegas International Film Festival, Entertainment Development Corperation of Nevada, Toys R Us, Volvo, ESPN, Country Music Awards, Kodak, US Navy, Peaceful Valley Resort, Paris Hotel & Casino, Caesars Palace, Redkin, International Profit Associates, AARP, Bluefish TV, RightNow, Central Media, Watermark, Living 4 Zachary, Steadicam, Tiffin

Studied Film and Writing at Columbia Film School Chicago & UNLV

Specialized training with Panavision, Mole Richardson, JR Lighting


  1. Natalia Figueroa
  2. Celia Bullwinkel
  3. Luke Shepard
  4. Las Vegas Public Film Works
  5. The Reluctant Missionary
  6. Chad Ethridge
  7. Unwritten Pictures
  8. TJ McCormick
  9. Clint Loveness
  10. The Village Church
  11. Mercy Street