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Noé Two was born in Paris, France in 1974.
He is one of the most emblematic figures of French graffiti and one of the most
accomplished artists of his generation. He grew up in the popular neighborhoods of
the capital which are at the same time as culturally diverse and forever having been a
source of inspiration for many artists.
Working since the end of the eighties, he chose his name as an artist using the biblical
reference to Noah. Just as the Ark which shelters all the animals, his work encompasses
different graphic and pictorial approaches which he incorporates in his original
Even so his art is displayed on frescos and on canvas; this self-taught artist doesn’t
hesitate to explore the different facets of graphic creation. Furthermore, he masters
new 3d technology, and attempts to create thanks to photographic montage and video
footage. Renowned artist, he pushes the limits of rendering realism through the use
of spray paint.
His impressive mastery of the tools renders portraits witch shout out realism.
For several years now, Noé Two has left his current signature style aside in order to
explore different avenues. Currently more than a representation, he essentially works
on the interpretation of his subject, his work. More abstract and marked heavily by
graphic composition, his current works are built as a game of shapes using coordinating
curves and colors.
His graffiti breaks free from the pre-established codes and rules of perception.
Noé Two has gone international for more than two decades. He participates in
projects, events and auctions in well renowned artistic circles of the United States, the
People’s Republic of China as well as in Europe.

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