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cairo, Egypt

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Habi Seoud is an Egyptian Filmmaker born in Cairo, Egypt on the 7th of May, 1984.
He got his bachelor degree in French literature from the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University in 2005.
After his graduation, he worked for about one year as a Tour guide in the tourism domain.
In 2007 after saving enough money, He returned to Cairo for studying film making by attending several filmmaking workshops.

Habi made his debut with a short documentary titled "a woman worth 100 men" in January 2007 which was produced by Media House Prod., and by the end of the year he worked as Location manager in the feature independent fiction film "Basra" directed by Ahmed Rashwan.

In 2008, he joined the Jesuits Cinema School to study alternative filmmaking and finished studies in October by making a short film "One Fine Day" as graduation project which was screened later in many film festivals.

since 2009, He worked as A.D. in TV series, commercials, Jazeera documentaries, and feature films.

In 2011, Habi started filming his documentary film "Just One Hand" about the religious sectarianism in Egypt, with a group of colleagues as a creative team but they stopped working on it after the rise of the Egyptian revolution in January 25th.
In February, He started with director Ibrahim Battout and 2 other screen writers writing a feature fiction script titled "Winter of Discontent" directed by Battout plus worked as the 1st assist. director.

Habi finished his first draft of his feature fiction script "Birds of Heaven" in August 2011, and back to work on his documentary film with the same creative team in October 2011 hoping to finish it in the next spring.

In 2012, Habi struggled like all Egyptian revolutionaries against the military rule and he couldn't finish his feature documentary project but he managed to produce and direct a short fiction film titled "Falafel"

In 2013, Habi is working on establishing his own production house to produce his first feature and to support other young filmmakers like him to accomplish their own independents projects.


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