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BSI Comics specializes in new comics and graphic novels. We have the largest selection of Graphic Novels in the Greater New Orleans area with over 1700 different titles to choose from.

Established in 1979

BSI was first established in 1979 by Carl and Linda Tupper. The original business was selling used paperbacks; thus, "BSI" stands for Book Swap, Incorporated. Soon after opening, comics were outselling paperbacks and BSI Comics was born.

Jason and Sheila acquired BSI Comics in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Jason is a corporate ex pat who now works full-time at the shop.

Carl Tupper occassionally can still be found helping out at the shop.
Meet the Business Owner: Jason G.

Jason is a corporate ex-pat who used to be a Systems Engineer for a company that rhymes with Shmentergy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Jason and his wife Sheila bought the comics store and have been happy ever since.

In his former life, Jason has been a waiter, a car salesman, an entertainment agent, a systems engineer, a musician, a sculptor, a photographer, and a professional juggler (stop laughing, he has mad juggling skills).

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