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Meg and Rob is comprised of Meg Favreau and Rob Baniewicz, two people who firmly believe that if they went by their last names, nobody would ever pronounce them correctly.

Meg and Rob met while working together at a TV shopping channel. Rob shot product footage. Meg wrote show descriptions. Their decision to make comedy together happened like this: while sitting at lunch, Meg said, "Does anyone want to start a sketch comedy troupe?" And Rob said, "Yes."

Their first show, "Reviving the Lecture Circuit," premiered in the 2007 Philadelphia Fringe Festival to excellent reviews, and the sketch they wrote with Jeff Sutter, "Dinner with Mischa," was featured in the 2007 Boston Comedy Festival.

Individually, Rob is a short-film maker whose work has appeared in the Philadelphia and TromaDance Film Festivals, and Meg is a writer. Her credits include The Big Jewel, McSweeney's, and 23/6. She also has a blog.

Meg and Rob live in Philadelphia.

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