Justine Justad Larsen

Powell, Wyoming

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I am mother to Augusta and Charlie, live in Northwest Wyoming with Scott, have a problematic dog and 3 ungrateful cats. I work from home on digital video albums when I'm not taking pictures. I write occasionally for our local paper, The Powell Tribune. I attend St. John's Episcopal Church. I garden, growing mainly raspberries, peppers and tomatoes. I can all that I can and preserve and jam and take great joy in sharing food from my kitchen. I sew every now and again. I am always in the process of painting our house. I'd like to ride my bike more often. Contrary to popular belief, I do walk the dog and throw the tennis ball for him. I am trying to get back to the ski hill now and again, with my new skiing kids. I'm a virtual world traveler. My children are usually the focus of my camera.