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My current artistic work rises from an early fascination with the unseen forces of life—the winds that define themselves by the flutter of a leaf on a tree, the cool air by a river in the shade, the warmth on the skin of the sun at midday. These forces act upon us, and we in turn are affected by them. My early sculptural practice involved working with the landscape and creating site-specific outdoor installations. I spent years investigating my sense of awe and wonderment, constructing a series of large-scale inflatable forms that captured the invisible forces at work in the vast natural landscapes that inspired me.

During that early exploration, I began to notice that our fabricated world is filled with just as many unseen forces and awe-inspiring landscapes as our natural world. Monumental architecture and skyscrapers loom over us, sparking feelings of liberation, obedience, respect, and awe. Our buildings and cities are infused with stories and history. Our homes—though primarily designed to protect us from the elements—also make us feel make us feel safe, secure, important, comfortable, and loved.

As my artistic investigation continues, I have begun to be interested in the most common human environment: the home. Each of us mean different things when we say “home,” and yet the experience of home is universal. Why? What is a home? Is it merely wood and stone, drywall and shingles? Is it the furniture, the trinkets, the pots, the pans? When a home is removed or demolished, what is left? When we are gone what happens to the spaces we have built? What new landscapes are we creating when we build and then move on?

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    This is actually amazing! So beautiful, what a great work!