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Championed by the likes of Al Green, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King and (fellow Memphians) Kindred among others, the statuesque and gorgeous TiaraNicole is all at once elegant, lively, insightful, down to earth and incredibly real. TiaraNicole brings her own experiences and interpretation on life and love with a vibrant imagery to her songs.

Tiaras distinctive vocal style was nurtured by early years of singing in church. At age 5, she was performing at city wide events, and a few years later out of state events. I have always had a passion for performing it is the best reward of being an artist, Says Tiara.

Soon after she decided that she wanted to sing secular music she began training herself in classic R&B. I listened to Tina Turner, Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown, The Supremes. I enjoy listening to the earlier ages of R&B. Clear about her love for music and singing Tiara began looking for more opportunities to showcase her talent.

Upon moving to Atlanta, GA Tiara developed a passion for writing and recording music. She began performing at local talent show cases and open mic nights; where she received encouraging feedback from her audiences. This only motivated me and proved that I was born to be an entertainer, Says Tiara.

Using the social network MySpace TiaraNicole quickly gained a massive fan base by posting her original music and video blogs. Less than a year after creating her music profile Tiara had already received more than 2,000,000 plays and over 1,500,000 profile views. I couldnt believe that so many people supported my music; I am so grateful for all of the success, Says Tiara.

Taking a moment out to write new music Tiara explains her views on writing: I write from the heart every word in my music is from my own real life experiences. Im only 19 years old and just now coming into womanhood; I only hope to empower other young women. But writing is only one element of me. There are several different facets of TiaraNicole.

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